Benefits of UAEeBIZ Business Directory

  •   Over 300,000 listed companies and Individuals Email ID's
  •   Details:- Company name, Email, Phone no, Fax No, Activities, P.O Box, Location, Web Sites.
  •   All Available Company Email’s from Dubai and Abu Dhabi Chamber of   Commerce
  •   Entire database in MS Excel and Text Format
  •   Data categorized by the nature of business
  •   All Free Zone companies in UAE
  •   Can be imported to Ms Outlook, Winfax, Outlook Express etc.
  •   Increase your sales.
  •   Low-cost: you only need to pay the net cost.
  •   Easy-operation: you do not need much computer knowledge.
  •   Unlimited number of lists: You can create as many mailing lists as you want and import your existing subscribers contacts to these lists.
  •   Purchase Once And Use Forever: No more, monthly or per campaign charges
  •   Increase your sales by 60% in days
  •   90% of the UAE Companies are using Etisalat Email (   or ), so there is no worry about the email validity
  •   Instant Download After the Payment ( 3 min max )

Download Sample DB ( Email Only, Business Directory )
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